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National Seminar on "Human Rights in Governance" organised on May 13-14,2002.

Hon’ble Mr. Justice J.S. Verma, Chairperson, NHRC and Hon’ble  Mr. Justice Brijesh Kumar and Hon’ble  Mr. Justice G.B. Patnaik Judges of the Supreme Court of India, Hon’ble Member, NHRC., Mrs. Justice Sujata Manohar, Shri Soli J. Sorabji, Advocate General of India and Shri R.N. Trivedi, Additional Solicitor General of India participated in the National Seminar. 

Jaipur Declaration of Human Rights issue on 14th May, 2002 in presence of Shri Ashok Gehlot, Hon’ble Chief Minister, Rajasthan. 

Jaipur Declaration read out in all Gram Sabhas in the State on 20th May,2002. 

World Enivironment Day celebrated on June 05,2002. 

Hon’ble  Supreme Court appreciates the works of RSHRC Sub-Committee constituted as a follow- up of the D.K. Basu case for inspection of police stations.

Commission has recommended to the State Government to impose ban on the use of “Pan Masala &Gutkha” in the  State by issuing a Notification and issue directions to district administration accordingly.

National Seminar on “Human Rights in Governance” organized on May 13-4,2002. 

Commission passed a resolution on 28th may 2002 recommending to the State Government to do away with mention of caste in Government application forms wherever such declaration is not required or necessary. 

Commission organized public hearing in village Banetha in Uniara Tehsil of Tonk District on 4th may,2002 and enabled return of Gulab Devi to the village ending a long period of social boycott ordered by the village Caste Panchayat.. 

Commission visited Tonk district on May 04,2002 for inspection and interaction with PRI,NGOs, Members of District Bar Association and District Level Officers. 

Special discussions on Human Rights Education organized on April 27,2002-- Hon’ble  Mr. Justice Shiv Raj V. Patil, Judge, Supreme Court of India, Hon’ble  Mr. Justice Dr. AR Lakshmanan , Chief Justice, Andhra Pradesh High Court, Hon’ble  Mr. Justice R.S. Chauhan, and Hon’ble  Mr. Justice K.S. Rathore, Judges of the Rajasthan High Court, Shri Inderjit Khanna, Chief Secretary, and R.K. Nair, Additional Chief Secretary, Home participated. 

World Human Rights Day observed on 10th December, 2001 and a workshop organized in HCM RIPA in which Hon’ble  C.M. and Hon’ble  Mr. Justice Shiv Kumar Sharma of the Rajasthan High Court participated 

Commission visited Pali district on 24.4.2001 and settled the case of Smt. Sushila and her estranged husband. The caste Panchayat assure

Commission that they will rescind the fine imposed on Smt. Sushila and help the couple to live a peaceful and happy life. 

Several district meetings organized for public representatives and DLOs and addressed by Commission Members. 

One to one discussion with the Secretaries of  Home, Medical and Health, Labour, Environment and Pollution Control Board were held related to their subjects in the Commission. 

Series of meetings organized for sensitization of police on Human Rights – Director General of Police Shri Shantanu Kumar and Additional Director General of Police Shri Namo Narain Meena participated in different rounds of discussions.

Commission orders re-survey of Child labour in the entire State. 

Commission has directed the Principal Secretary, Medical and Health to control smoking in public places and thereafter Govt. of Rajasthan issued a strict directive on 7th June 2002 prohibiting smoking in government offices, buildings and public places. 

Commission has made positive intervention for control of pollution in the State while taking up several cases of industrial pollution in various parts of the State. 

Commission appreciated the success of the public health campaign of Food Department –“Shudh ke liye Yudh” which has thereafter been extended to cover the whole State.

Commission takes up certain cases filed by children and cases reported in newspapers and has orders the municipal and other authorities to ensure protection of the children's right to play and safety. Commission also inspected the Shishu Graha in Jaipur on the 21st of September and ordered improvement in management and child care services of this state-run institution.

Commission has started interaction and networking with NGOs and human rights activist organizations such as PUCL, Center for Dalit Righjts, PRAJA, Mahila Chetna Samiti, CUTS on various aspects of dalit rights, prison reform, child and women rights including their active role in developmental and educational activities.

In pursuance of the directions of the Supreme Court of India in the order dated 19.10.2001 a sub-committee has been constituted to ensure compliance of the 11 point directives given by the supreme court in the case of  D.K. Basu V. the state of West Bengal (writ Petition No. 539/86 with 592/87).               

               The Committee has been set up under Hon,ble Member Shri R.k. Ankodia and I.G. of Police and Deputy Secretary to the Commission are Members. The Committee has inspected more than 50 police stations and is continuing to monitor the working of the police stations.


                The Supreme Court of India in its order dated 15.2.2002 has appreciated the work doing the committee as follows:-


                “ Reports from Commission/committee from the States of Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Punjab have been received and we appreciate the commendable work which they have done and in apprising this Court of the state of affairs prevailing in these States.”


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